Is Heart Bypass Surgery Really Necessary?

Heart bypass surgery is also known as Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG).

It‘s used to treat coronary artery disease (CAD) - where the arteries supplying blood to the heart itself are blocked because of high cholesterol levels. This often causes chest pain (angina) and can lead to heart attack. To improve blood flow to the heart, a healthier artery is taken from elsewhere in the body (usually the leg) and grafted on to the damaged one, bypassing the blocked section. (This doesn’t stop blood flow to the leg, as there are alternative routes for the blood.)

The fact that surgeons can do this sort of operation is a credit to the surgeons, but is it really necessary?

A few minutes research on the Internet will show you that, while many doctors are saying bypasses save lives, studies show that this isn’t true.

Back in 1985, Dr. Thomas A. Preston, MD, then a Professor of Medicine at the University of Washington said ‘Coronary-bypass surgery is overused, frequently ineffective, and absurdly expensive. It is the epitome of modern medical technology, yet, as it is now practiced, its net effect on the nation's health is probably negative. ... The operation does not cure patients, it is scandalously overused, and its high cost drains resources from other areas of need.’

It's similar with treatment for varicose veins. Varicose veins are not just unsightly - there are dangers in having veins functioning so poorly, but the answer is not to take them out. It's all very well to say that other veins will carry the blood, but if one vein is bad, what's to stop others getting that way? What do you do when you run out of 'spare' veins?

Better to try to heal the damage and get your heart and veins working properly again.

If you think that's not possible, think again. If you are prepared to take responsibility for your own health, and make some changes, you can heal almost anything.

Researchers have shown that diet and lifestyle changes alone can clear clogged arteries. Without these changes, a bypass operation has limited use - the new artery will become blocked and the operation may have to be repeated. Every year, thousands of people who’ve had bypass surgery die of heart attacks.

If you deal with the cause of the problem, you can have a healthy heart and circulation without drugs or surgery.

It’s clear from many studies over the years that high cholesterol and heart disease are due to nutritional deficiencies, and when these are corrected your arteries will clear by themselves and your heart return to its natural healthy state.

Here's a real life example to show how heart bypass surgery can be avoided.

Some time back, my neighbor went to the doctor with chest pain. The doctor diagnosed heart trouble, and told him he would probably need a heart bypass. As he wasn’t in immediate danger an appointment was made for an angiogram six weeks later. (This is an operation involving putting a catheter inside the blood vessels to examine the state of them – another miracle of modern medicine.)

In the meantime, I recommended that he start taking 3 grams a day of vitamin C, which he did.

The result of the angiogram, after six weeks on vitamin C? They found hardly any blockage of his arteries, certainly not enough to need heart bypass surgery.

This was the result of just a few weeks on one vitamin supplement. Taking a combination of vitamins and minerals is even more effective.

You can read more about heart disease cure and prevention through diet and supplements here, and more on high blood pressure here.

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