Yes, There is An Easy Heart Disease Cure.

Do you worry about yourself or your loved ones dying of a heart attack or suffering a stroke?

There is no need to fear heart disease - with this simple natural heart disease cure you can avoid heart attacks and strokes.

You can heal your heart and blood vessels and lead a full and active life, without worrying about heart disease.

There is strong evidence that chronic vitamin C deficiency may be the root cause of heart disease. Studies have shown that vitamin C supplements alone can reduce the risk of heart disease by 50%. This is with relatively low doses of vitamin C. If you take enough vitamin C, have a healthy diet and lifestyle, there's no reason why you should have heart disease.

(Supplementing with Vitamin E also reduces the risk of heart disease, by a third; and Vitamin A by more than a third. Using all three is even more effective. Co-enzyme Q10 is also very helpful.)

Vitamin C supplements, and a diet high in natural sources of vitamin C, will heal your heart and blood vessels. This, combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle, could be the heart disease cure you are looking for.

Vitamin C, as well as its role in fighting infection, is necessary to maintain the connective tissues of the body. The symptoms of severe vitamin C deficiency - scurvy - include bleeding gums, tendency to bruise, nosebleeds and internal bleeding, because the walls of blood vessels become weak.

With heart disease vitamin C deficiency is not enough to cause such obvious symptoms, but your body tissues are weakening. In particular, the walls of your arteries get dangerously thin. (This can lead to bleeding in the brain – a stroke.) To prevent internal bleeding, your body patches up the walls of your arteries with – guess what – cholesterol. Yes, cholesterol is not a problem: it’s part of the solution.

Salad is an Important Part of a Heart Disease Cure

But it’s only a temporary answer - after all, it’s not good to have your arteries clogged up with cholesterol. Eventually they get blocked, leading to a heart attack. In nature, we might be short of vitamin C in winter, but spring brings fresh green leaves, rich in vitamin C, to make up for it. Nowadays we don’t have to wait for spring – we can have fresh fruit and salad all year round.

Ideally you should get all your nutritional needs from your food. If you have heart disease it means you have already been deficient in vitamin C for some time and for a heart disease cure it is best to supplement your diet – at least until your health is restored. The best vitamin C supplements are high dose (500mg to 1000mg), time-release and contain little or no sugar - and definately no artificial sweeteners such as aspartame.

Vitamin C is the  Key to Heart Disease Cure

How much vitamin C should you take? I would say at least 3g (that’s 3000mg) per day as a preventive dose. If you already have signs of heart disease you can take 6g to 10g a day or more. You can’t overdose on vitamin C – it is the least toxic substance known to medicine. The worst that can happen is a brief spell of diarrhea. if that happens, just reduce your dose slightly.

As the walls of your arteries strengthen, the cholesterol will no longer be needed, gradually it will be released into your bloodstream and cleared away by normal processes. (Obviously this means more cholesterol in your blood for a while, but it will soon go.)

Vitamin C is the most important factor in a heart disease cure, but general health and fitness are also very important. It’s well known that smoking and drinking alcohol add to the risks of heart disease. Being overweight and unfit obviously places more strain on your heart. So part of a heart disease cure must be a sensible amount of exercise and a healthy diet, and cutting back on drinking and smoking.

Eat lots of foods high in vitamin C. Foods containing vitamin C include fresh fruits, and fresh leafy vegetables – in other words, lots of salads. If you find salads boring, try to vary the ingredients. Get a good book on salad recipes and try lots of different ones. Look at recipes for salad dressings. A good dressing makes the difference between a boring salad and a delicious one. The same with fruits. There are so many fruits available now, there are sure to be some you like. Berries and currants are among the best foods for high vitamin C content. Fruits and vegetables will provide you with many vitamins, minerals, and fibre; reducing the risk of most diseases, not just heart disease.

Exercise will make you feel so much better in so many ways; it’s silly not to make time for it. If you’re very busy, make going to the gym part of your routine two or three times a week. More fun forms of exercise are walking (briskly, at least 20 minutes at a time), dancing and sports.

Drink plenty of water. Getting dehydrated makes you tired and places a great strain on your body in many ways. Water will flush out your body and help to keep your blood clean. Drinking sufficient water will also help your body to regulate your blood pressure.

To sum up, the heart disease cure involves healthy diet, plenty of water, exercise and, especially, lots of vitamin C. Reducing your sugar intake will help a lot. As your body heals itself, you should be able to gradually reduce the amount of medication you are on (under the supervision of a qualified health practitioner). These medications are designed to suppress the symptoms of heart disease. Once you have dealt with the cause of the problem, you shouldn’t need them any more.

Thousands of people still die from heart disease each year, but it’s so easy to cure, or avoid altogether - don't be yet another victim. Why wait till it’s too late? Take charge of your health now. Turn your life around and look after your health – and your heart.

Healthy foods are the first step to health. Balancing the five food groups is vital to staying well. Get some ideas from my page on healthy recipes.

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‘You are what you eat’.

It’s so true.

What you are today is decided by what you ate yesterday, and everyday before that. You decide whether to be healthy or not by what you choose to eat.

Choose a diet of healthy, nourishing food, supported by suitable nutritional supplements and you can avoid – or cure – most diseases.

While you need the full complement of vitamins for optimal health, the most important nutrient for heart health is vitamin C.

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It’s now been almost 15 years since my husband had a minor heart attack.

After trying the conventional treatment of beta blockers etc for a few weeks, he switched to treating himself with nutritional supplements, diet and exercise.

He has had no sign of heart disease since then. He still has around 9 grams a day of vitamin C. The only side effect – he doesn’t get colds or flu!