Itching Feels Like Parasites Crawling All Over Me.

by Carla

I believe I have some type of parasites in my whole body. I can feel them crawling on my skin in my eyes and ears. I don’t know what to do. I went to the ER and I think they thought I was crazy so they sent me home.

I have read a lot of comments on google - but your website have help the most because I also suffer with candida or yeast infection every month and it really make sense. I have been eating lots of carbs and sweets. I read your candida diet and I print it out. I will definitely follow. But I need to know how can I get rid of the parasites on my skin. I feel to scream is an awful feeling.

Please help!

Caroline’s Answer: Itching like that is horrible – really difficult to live with. And it’s no fun when supposed ‘experts’ don’t take you seriously, let alone offer help, or even sympathy.

Yeast fungus is a very real problem for many people, but doctors generally concern themselves with bacteria and viruses and ignore fungal infections. A systemic candida infection can cause itching all over, not just where there’s obvious thrush or athlete’s foot.

First of all, you need something to ease the itching.

The best thing I know for easing itching is Nelson’s Burn Cream. It contains marigold (Calendula Officinalis), Urtica Urens (stinging nettle), Echinacea angustifolia and Hypericum perforatum. This combination is particularly potent against any sort of itching. See if you can get this or something like it from a health food store or herbalist.

Lavender oil is also very soothing, as is aloe vera. If you have an aloe vera plant, break off a leaf and use the juice straight from the leaf.

Avoid using any harsh chemicals on your skin, such as in many shower gels and other skin ‘care’ products.

Secondly, you need to deal with the cause.

Your feeling that you have a parasite is a true instinct – yeast is indeed a parasite when it grows out of control and causes health problems.

Itching all over like you have is a sign that your body is trying to clear something out.

This could be the yeast, or it could also be that you have an allergy or sensitivity to something you are eating - Candida infections often lead to food sensitivities because the yeast interferes with normal digestion.

The good news is that the itching should clear up within days once you start avoiding the foods you are sensitive to and start reducing the yeast. The commonest problem foods are wheat (which is high in gluten) and dairy products. If you cut out all wheat (also barley, rye and oats, which also contain gluten) and all milk, cheese, yoghurt, etc, you will soon find out if they are the problem. After 5 days or so you can try a little wheat or milk and see what happens. If the itching comes back you know you’ll have to carry on avoiding foods with that in. (Only try one food. Wait till the reaction has cleared up, or you’re sure you’re not reacting to it, before you try the other.) Other common allergens include nuts and seeds, specially peanuts and sesame seeds.

Stick to the anti-candida diet 100% for at least 1 month – it takes time to get rid of the yeast. Be patient.

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